• Chie Satonaka [Persona 4]

    Chie is a tomboy, having light brown, bowl-shaped hair, and brown eyes. As with most playable characters in the game, Chie wears a modified Yasogami High uniform with a light green, high collared athletic jacket adorned with several buttons and underneath her auto insurance mini skirt is short black leggings. In summer, however, she is seen wearing the school's standard summer uniform, having wrapped her jacket around her hips. On days off, she replaces her uniform with a white top and underneath two colors: one black and white stripe and second a blue top, with high collar lighter green jacket with purple crystal necklaces, navy short shorts, and lighter green boots . Her summer outfit consists of a green tank top with a floral pattern as well as a colorful wristband at each arm. At the summer festival she wears a white yukata with a multi-colored circle pattern and an orange striped sash. The sleeves and hem of the yukata gradient to a pale orange.

    Credits : (c) Atlus 
     (C) Square Enix 
     MrGameboy20xx for the 3d model 


  • Rhyhorn [Pokemon]

    Rhyhorn is a rhinoceros-like creature with a body covered in gray, rocky plates. Its underside and rear are smooth, and it has four short legs with two claws on each foot. It has a auto insurance triangular head with narrow, red eyes, two fangs protruding from its upper jaw, and small, triangular openings on the upper sides. A spiked ridge runs along its back, and it has a single short horn on the tip of its snout. The female has a shorter horn than the male. In addition to its rocky hide, its bones are a thousand times harder than human bones.

    Credits : (C) Creatures Inc.
                  (C) Nintendo

    DOWNLOAD LINK : Rhyhorn

  • Raikou [Pokemon]

    Raikou is a quadruped, yellow, tiger-like Pokémon with black stripes and a white underside. It has a thin, light blue tail with sharp angles and a spark-shaped auto insurance formation at the end. Raikou's mane looks like dull purple rain clouds and allows it to shoot bolts of lighting. Most of its face consists of thick, white fur and shorter yellow fur Secured Loan around its red eyes. Raikou's muzzle is a light blue "X" and it has a black faceplate with two bumps that covers its forehead, nose, and ears. Raikou has two long fangs that make its appearance similar to the saber-toothed cat. Its large claws each converge to lawyer form a single point and never retract. Extra fur hangs off its body in front of its rear thighs.


  • Yamato Ishida [Digimon]

    Yamato "Matt" Ishida (石田 ヤマト Ishida Yamato?) is afictional character in the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure and car insurance loan Digimon Adventure 02. Matt and T.K.'s given names, Yamato and Takeru, are a reference to Yamato Takeru, a figure in Japanese legend.


  • Kobeni Yonomori [Mikakunin de Shinkoukei]

    Kobeni Yonomori (夜ノ森 小紅 Yonomori Kobeni?) is the protagonist of Mikakunin de Shinkokei series.
    Kobeni is the "ultimate average high school first-year student." She handles auto insurance the cooking and all other household chores. On her 16th birthday, a young man named Hakuya Mitsumine and his little sister Mashiro Mitsumine suddenly appear in front of her. It turns out that Hakuya is her fiancé, and Mashiro is her future sister-in-law.


  • Kaneki Ken [Tokyo Ghoul]

    Ken Kaneki (金木 研, Kaneki Ken) is the main character of the story. He auto insurance used to be a normal human, leading a normal student life, but due to certain events, he ended up being transplanted with Rize's organs and became aOne-Eyed Ghoul.


  • Godzilla 2014 [Godzilla]

    Godzilla is a 2014 American science fiction monster film directed by Gareth Edwards. It is a reboot of the Godzilla film franchise and retells the origins of Godzilla in contemporary times as a "terrifying force of nature". The film is set in the present day, fifteen years after the unearthing of two chrysalises in a mine in the Philippines. From the pods come two giant radiation-eating creatures, known as "MUTOs", which cause great damage in JapanHawaii and the western United States. Their awakening also auto insurance stirs a much larger, destructive, ancient alpha predator known as "Godzilla", whose existence has been kept secret by the U.S. government since 1954. It stars Aaron Taylor-JohnsonKen WatanabeElizabeth OlsenJuliette BinocheSally HawkinsDavid Strathairn, and Bryan Cranston. The screenplay is credited to Max Borenstein but includes contributions from David CallahamDavid S. GoyerDrew Pearce, and Frank Darabont.

    Download Link : Godzilla 2014

  • Kudamon [Digimon]

    Kudamon is a Holy Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological kuda-gitsune. It is always auto insurance wreathed around a holy cartridge and never separates from it. It is said that day after day, it accumulates holy power within the earring on its left ear, and that the stored power is great enough to have influence on auto insurance its next digivolution.

    Download Link : Kudamon 

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