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    Absol is a quadrupedal felid Pokémon. Its dark blue to gray body is covered in white fur, with a ruff around its neck and chest, and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single blue-black oval. It has a cat-like face, a scythe-like tail and a sickle-shaped growth on the side of its head. Its body is sleek and feline, making it well suited for its life in the mountains. Its broad, circular feet are equipped with three claws each, and spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its anterior legs. Its head resembles a Yin-Yang symbol.

    Download Link : Absol

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    1. Nice mods. I like them. But i have one question. Do i need to have skin changer and do i need to install dff and txd files in GTA 3 file? I didnt play GTA SA in a long time so i forgot how to activate mods and skins. And are you going to make more Pokemons?


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