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    Feraligatr are big, bulky, bipedal crocodilian Pokémon, primarily blue in coloration with accentuations of red and yellow. In aspects of coloration, Feraligatr much resembles its pre-evolution, with the exception of the vanished ‘animal skin’ pattern. A notable feature of Feraligatr is its large, powerful, toothy jaws that are able to cause heavy damage. Three teeth are visible when Feraligatr closes its mouth, two from the lower jaw and one from the upper. Feraligatr has three sets of spikes on its body, all of which possess three prongs. The one on its back appears particularly prominent, due to its size and the bulk of Feraligatr’s shoulders. The bisected, V-shaped yellow pattern Feraligatr possessed as a Totodile has reappeared, except being on the lower portion of its body and between its thighs instead of its arms. Feraligatr also have large scales on their arms, tails, and legs, the latter of which give the appearance of pockets. A differing feature of Feraligatr in comparison to its pre-evolutions is that its irises are yellow instead of red and that all its digits have nails.

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