• Posted by : StrideR Feb 11, 2013

    Samurott has a pointed nose, with large pale-blue moustache/goatee-like growths protruding from it, which it has developed from Dewott's whiskers and Oshawott's dimples. On the back of its head, Samurott has a large yellow conch shell with a very long horn with two spikes on it. It has a long dark-blue body with a light blue-gray belly and four legs with yellow armor-like shells divided into threes on them, those on it's front legs are in fact where its swords, known as Seamitars are stored. Its tail resembles that of a fish and is heart-like shaped with a small shell in the middle that makes it look like a deformed oval. It eyes have reverted back to how they were with Oshawott's as they are now white with colored pupils as opposed to Dewott's eyes, which were black with white pupils.

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