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    The Energy Liger is a Lion-type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoidsmodel, toy, and media franchise.
    Based on the Liger Zero, the Energy Liger was first released in 2003, and the Zoid plays a significant role in the late Battle Story, one in particular playing a role in the conclusion of the New Battle Story as the personal Zoid of Neo-ZenebasEmperor Wolff Muroa. The Energy Liger also appears in theZoids: Fuzors anime, and is believed by the characters to be the Legendary Alpha Zoid, the pursuit of which forms a subplot for most of the series. It also remains the only Liger Zoid that served as a semi-villain zoid in the anime.

    Download Link : Energy Liger

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    1. First off I would like to say, I love your GTA mods to death! And I hope you keep on making them!

      I have no idea..if you do request. But um can you do a Omnimon X/ Or Black Omnimon X mod? I know you did an Omnimon mod already I know but I really really love Omnimon X..please and thank you for your time.

      1. unfortunately i don't have omnimon x 3d model yet
        here is the list of Digimon that i can convert to GTA SA http://dmo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Digimon

      2. Okay then how about Grankuwagamon?

      3. sure, but it need to wait ok

      4. You know what on second thought instead of grandkuwagamon can you do the final boss from kingdom hearts 1? Minus..ansem aka xehanort. I just like his guardian, I know where to get the model for it :

        I would do it myself actually did try to and failed..
        again I would greatly appreciate it if you made this for GTA SA ( again minus..the human character just the guardian)

        And I can wait , I am a very patient women.
        Thank you for your time!

        I really hope I am not pushing it >_<....

      5. sorry i don't have any plan to make kingdom hearts mods

      6. Okay..
        Thanks for your time , can't wait to see what you will do next! ^_^

    2. may i ask.. how to install this skin?.. can give some guide?..


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