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    Tiger & Bunny (タイガー&バニー Taigā Ando Banī?) is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise under the direction of Keiichi Satou.
    The screenplay was written by auto insurance Masafumi Nishida, with original character design by Masakazu Katsura. The series began its broadcast run in Japan on April 3, 2011 on Tokyo MX, followed by rebroadcasts on BS11 and MBS, and ended on September 17, 2011. Viz Media are also simulcasting the series, streaming on health care Hulu and Anime News Network. It is set in a futuristic city where heroes fight crime whilst promoting real life sponsors, focusing on two superheroes, the old-fashioned "Wild Tiger" and the rookie pell grant hero Barnaby Brooks Jr., as they are forced by their employers to work together.

    here are the complete list for Tiger and Bunny Pack : 

    1. Barnaby Brooks Jr.

    2. Blue Rose

    3. Dragon Kid

    4. H-01

    5. Lunatic

    6. Origami Cyclone

    7. Rock Bison

    8. Sky High

    9. Wild Tiger

    Note : Credits in the readme file inside this pack



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