• Posted by : StrideR Dec 22, 2013

    This is GTA SA Anime Pack 2.

    inside this pack, you can find 11 different mods from 11 different anime series.

    here are the list :

    1. Matoi Ryuko [Kill la Kill]

    2. Kashiwazaki Sena [Haganai]

    3. Hellsing Alucard [Hellsing]

    4. Akiho Senomiya [Robotics;Notes]

    5. Akane Isshiki [Vividred Operation]

    6. Yoshino [Date A Live]

    7. Ohana Matsumae [Hanasaku Iroha]

    8. Mirai Kuriyama [Kyoukai No Kanata]

    9. Aisaka Taiga [Toradora]

    10. Shana [Shakugan No Shana]

    11. Okabe Rintaro [Steins;Gate]

    I hope you guys like this pack :D

    Note : Credits in the readme file inside this pack


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    1. Can you make a version of Alucard without the glasses? or the hat? Please

    2. can you update the link
      link is blocked-_-

    3. hey dude!
      - can you fix Mirai Kuriyama's skin?- because her skin is too dark
      - can you fix Aisaka Taiga's legs?- because they have problems when moving (i think they're so skinny)

    4. Hey, awesome artwork there!
      Strider, I was wondering why did Yoshino's face looks empty when I installed it when your screenshot has her face on it? Could use hand on fixing this.

      Also, can you make a Yuno Gasai skin mod? I'd be glad if you could. :3

    5. Could you make an L skin (from Death Note)? The only one I can find is poorly made.


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