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    Entei is a massive, leonine quadruped with some mastiff qualities. It is covered in auto insurance brown fur and a long, light gray mane along its entire back. It has gray plates on either side of the mane (making it look like smoke is coming out of a crater on its back) and a plate beneath the cream belly fur on its chest. Entei has gray paws with brown pads and black cuff-like bands on its legs. Its main faceplate is red and shaped like fins or a six-sided star. A gray plate covers its muzzle and resembles a handlebar mustache. It also has a yellow crest with three sloped points on its forehead and red eyes. As a whole, Entei's head appears to resemble a kabuto.
    An Entei is born whenever a new volcano appears. It is also said that whenever Entei roars, a volcano erupts somewhere in the world. Entei races acrossgrasslands at high speeds.

    Download Link : Entei 

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    1. Can you do Godzilla 2014?

      Here is the model with textures:



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