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    Lana is primarily a spell-caster in battle. She is athletic, capable of bounding and leaping across the battlefield with ease. When using her Tome's barriers she can jump off them in acrobatic feats, traversing battlefields swiftly.
    Her starting weapon type is the Tome, a book of magic she carries to attack and to cast spells. When used normally, Lana is able to manipulate the pages of her book to strike her enemies. Its most prominent skill is the conjuration of barriers which can take a variety of shapes. Lana can create walls that surround enemies, shove them away, or even create a cube-shaped barrier that she can roll to plow through hordes. These barriers shatter once they sustain sufficient damage, although Lana can also shatter them at will. Doing so causes damage to many enemies, though Lana can also be harmed. The weapon is of the Lightning element.

    Credits : - (C) Omega Force 
                  - (C) Team Ninja
                  - (C) Tecmo KOEI
                  - Thanatos-3d for providing Xnalara 3d model


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