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    Lianshi (練師, onyomi: Renshi) is Bu Zhi's relative, a member of a once wealthy and prominent family that fell from grace. Her Dynasty Warriors counterpart serves under Sun Shangxiang as one of the latter's armed maids.

    1. Lian Shi Ama Diver Outfit 

    Credits : - (C) Tecmo KOEI
                  - (C) Omega Force
                  - Sticklove for providing 3d model

    DOWNLOAD LINK : Lian Shi Ama Diver Outfit

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    1. Aduh Dah Nunggu Lam Akhir nNya Ada Juga

      Add My Blog :) roymodgta.blogspot.com

    2. Good choice of a character, well done!
      And thank you for the share.


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