• Posted by : StrideR May 5, 2015

    Selvaria is a 22-year-old proud, noble, yet distant woman who serves Maximilian with absolute loyalty as a part of the Drei Stern. The blood of the legendary Valkyria flows in her veins, granting her superhuman powers in battle when she wields an artifact ragnite spear and shield. At a young age she was held at an Imperial research facility, used as a test subject in their experiments until Maximilian rescued her. In the anime version, it is revealed that Maximilian named Selvaria after a blue flower of the same name. After being captured by Gallian forces in Ghirlando, Selvaria sacrifices herself, annihilating the town and most of Gallia's main forces with it.

    Credits : - (C) Sega
                  - Thanatos-3D for ripping Selvaria 3d model



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