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    Shiraishi is a very pretty girl of average height with blonde hair, brown eyes, large breasts, and a slender figure. She allows her long hair to flow down her back with a pair of X-shaped ornaments protruding from behind her ears, and two large strands hanging over her shoulders that gently frame her delicate features. As noted by Miyamura, she is very attractive and likewise is adored by many boys for her exceptional beauty. Despite her status as one of the prettiest girls in Suzaku High, Urara does not wear makeup and forgoes the use of appearance enhancing products, something that is noted by both Miyabi Itoand Yamada during his time in her body. Like most girls in the series, Shiraishi is usually seen wearing the normal school attire consisting of a white collar shirt with a red and black-striped bow, and a gray plaid skirt with red stripes. In the warmer months, she wears a light tan sweater vest over her shirt, while a black jacket is provided in the winter.

    Credits : Me (StrideR) for Rigging and Creating Urara Shiraishi Model 
                  Kur for nyaruko MMD model (Costume and base as parts of this model)
                  Adan for Leire YoiStyle MMD Model (Head and hair as parts of this model)
                  Nigamon for Marisa MMD Model (Wizard's Hat as parts of this model)


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    1. Can I Request Skin Zoids. The Zoids Is Berserk Fury Or Gairyuki Please.. Thank You ^^

    2. uno de los mejores skin y no se puede descargar


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