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    Bertolt is able to transform into a 60 meter Titan referred to as the Colossal or Colossus Titan (超大型巨人 Chō ōgata Kyojin) and is the second largest Titan shown in the series so far. In this form, Bertolt is able to look over the Walls that protect the last remnants of mankind. He is also able to retain his intelligence when he transforms as shown when he targets the network of cannons that line the top part of Wall Maria first as a means to quickly cripple the Wall's defense. The Colossal Titan form, due to its large size, is incredibly slow which makes it easy for anyone with the 3D Maneuver Gear to move around him. Like Eren, Bertolt is able to induce partial transformation, as he is able to manifest the upper portion of his Titan form on top of Wall Rose to fight against the Survey Corp and not the entire being, but it is unknown if this is made at will or it is just a mistake.

    This Skin Mod is the bigger and actual size version of my old colossal titan mod inside the shingeki no kyojin skin pack 3 

    Credits : Ichi_Inari for Colossal Titan MMD model 


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