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    For decades, Bruce Wayne reigned as Gotham City's crime fighting Dark Knight, Batman. Twenty years into the future, however, the reign has come to an end. As a new horde of outrageous outlaws, gangs, and villains rampage the city, the unthinkable has happened: the aging Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape and retired to seclusion. But when a brave, young high school teen named Terry McGinnis stumbles onto the secret of Batman's true identity, a new alliance is forged, and a legend is reborn. Armed with a dazzling array of advanced technology, Terry becomes the new Batman, and explodes onto the futuristic streets of Gotham.

    Credits : (C) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
                   (C) Rocksteady Studios
                   CapLagRobin for Xnalara Batman Beyond 3d model


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    1. Skin bat-suit arkham knigth and suit arkham knigth plss


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