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    Samus Aran is a bounty hunter that has worked with the Galactic Federation several times in the past, having exterminated the MetroidsSpace PiratesRidleyMother BrainMetroid Prime/Dark SamusPhazon, the Ing,Gorea, the Galactic Federation Bioweapons Program (Special-forces unitMB and X Parasites, along with terminating numerous hostile life-forms on various planets. Below is a full account of her history.

    Credits : (C) Nintendo
                  (C) Retro Studios
                  Sticklove for Samus Aran XNALara Model


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    1. Do you import a lot of Nintendo characters into SA? If so, is there any chance we will see a Princess Peach model in the future? I mean there is a Mario Luigi Yoshi and Waluigi, but i cant find a Peach anywhere. Not an actual model anyway. There is one mod but it isn't very good.

      1. yes, i still have a bunch of project for nintendo characters, you will see alot of them in the upcoming weeks :D


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