• Posted by : StrideR Oct 5, 2015

    Alice was kidnapped as a small child by the company of Tylon and was converted into a Zoanthrope. In fact, after being subjected to physical experimentation, her latent powers were awakened, after which she was used as a test subject and given battle training. Alice managed to escape the organization before she could be brainwashed, but another girl wasn't so lucky. Her name was Uriko. Alice decided to fight back against Tylon and rescue the little girl who'd helped her escape with the help of Uriko's mother, Mitsuko. They found a brainwashed and violent Uriko in the Tylon Corporation secret lab but the young girl is defeat and find her mind. Grateful, Mitsuko choose to adopt Alice, we supposed that Alice lost her parents when she was abducted by the corporation.

    Credits : (C) Konami
                   (C) Hudson Soft
                   Roxas358 who provided the 3d models



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